Ten Day Challenge

This month my parents are visiting me in Colombia, they are arriving on the 10th, so I had the "brilliant idea" to try and get as much money in those 10 days as possible so I can pay the rent and show them a good time with whatever is leftover.

Here are the rules:

  • I will count the money based on payments received between June 1st and June 10th, not on when the money is deposited to my account (Freelancer and PayPal take a few days to put he money in your checking account)
  • I can use any legal methods to make money (I'm guessing most of the money will be from working on Freelancer)
  • I will count money received for jobs started last week (I said based on payments received, right???) and will use the payment as the amount and not the money received (PayPal charges 3%, Freelancer has some goofy fee structure, because I'm in a subscription plan I think I also pay 3% but YMMV)
  • I will post daily articles on what I've done and if I've received any money, this will not be a full blown accounting (will not specify expenses) It's pretty simple and it'll help me put my money where my mouth is.

I REALLY hope people interact with me during this week, I think this'll add some didactic features to my blog post, who knows, maybe in the future I'll start having webinars with people that are in my mailing list.

Wish me luck!!!