Quick Bucks With Fiverr

The world of online freelancing has really exploded over the last few years. There are many options for a budding freelancer to choose from when it comes to working online, and the best part is, you don't have to have an exclusive relationship with any of them.

You can work in Freelancer, scoring massive assignments for great pay while at the same time grabbing quick jobs in Mechanical Turk and Fiverr in between.

This post is the first of several I will write about several of the top freelancing websites out there.

The first site on the radar is Fiverr.


Fiverr bills itself as a site where all of the freelancing that goes on on the site costs just $5, at least to start. For add-ons, the price goes up in multiples of 5.

The site was made for quick assignments that can be completed in less than two days, like writing short essays on various topics (generally $5 per 500 words), translations, jingles, item reviews, SEO, voice overs for pre-written content, handing out fliers, and the like. Though some gigs seem to be a bit more ambitious, such as gigs promising hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers or charging $5 to be a session musician on your next song.

Most of the items to be found on this site are gigs that a freelancer can do quickly and effectively between (or in addition to) the more lucrative assignments found on other sites.

On the back end, it goes like this: Someone buys a gig for $5, that person does the gig and sends the purchaser the end product, the freelancer gets $4 and the website gets $1.

If you would be willing to make $4 from a talent or skill you have, this site is a great place to market your services or to find a cheap worker for a few minutes.

Like most of the freelancing sites listed here, Fiverr has a mobile app so that freelancers can pick up assignments on the go.